Dalsland is Sweden’s sunniest landscape. So what is better than experiencing it from the cockpit in a kayak. The fact that the water is so clean and clear that it is often possible to drink directly from the lake does this adventure even more exciting. Canoeing in Dalsland can be perceived as being in the wilderness but civilization is never far away. Dalsland’s own famous waterway Dalsland’s canal is a great journey for your paddle adventure. Here you become one with nature. At Fengers you can rent kayaks and canoes and our staff has good experience of canoeing in Dalsland.

If you are curious about canoeing and want to gain experience, Fengers collaborates with kayak instructor and nature guide Tina Noregren. Tina offers guided full and half day tours. Tina is 41 years old and was born in Denmark where she has did her studies to become a nature guide and kayak instructor. After 15 years as a guide in Denmark, Tina, who has a Swedish mother, chose to buy a house in Scandinavia’s kayak-mecca Dalsland in 2016. In February 2019 she and her family moved permanently to Dalsland.

Guided halfday tour
(about 3-4 hours)

This tour is suitable for anyone who dreams of trying kayaking and who has not kayaking before.
The tour includes onshore instructions on kayaking techniques, rescue and safety before launching kayaks.
The tour is adapted to the participants’ knowledge level and after an hour of quiet paddling we take a break and stretch our legs.
We bring goodies from the bakery Brukets Godaste and put the coffee pan on boiling with coffe from Fengersfors own coffee roastery, Hansen’s coffee.
You will get kayaking expert advise during the tour and our guide will tell you about the surrounding nature and about Dalsland’s exciting cultural history.

Price: 850 SEK including the guide and equipment.
Book on or 0046 730728713

(7-8 hours)

The kayaking trip is for anyone who dreams of having nature experiences in kayaking, you will need to have some kayaking experience and will be able to physically straighten a kayak for a whole day.

The tour includes instructions in kayaking technology, rescue and safety on land.
1-2 hours of kayaking. Break on a small island down the road. Here we enjoy our lunch boxes that can be ordered from Fengersfors bakery.
1-2 hour kayaking.
Coffee break in the nature. We put the coffee pan on boiling with coffe from Fengersfors own coffee roastery, Hansen’s coffee. Never has the coffee tasted better!
1-2 hours of kayaking.

If the group wishes, it is possible to end the trip with a great meal in the wild, where we cook on the fire. If so, there are fewer hours of kayaking, but instead you get an authentic and delicious outdoor meal in the nature.
Along the way the guide tells you about the nature and cultural history.

Price: 1600 SEK including the guide and equipment.
(extra for food if food arrangements are purchased)
Book on or 0046 730728713