Welcome to two days of sourdough baking. At the artisan bakery Brukets Godaste in Fengersfors they work with sourdough och long fermentaion doughs and form the bread by hand. The bakery use old swedish grain as dinkel, ölandsvete, emmer and svedjeråg and they bake all the bread in the woodburned oven. During the two day course we learn to handle the dogh and try to bake with different types of dough. After the course you will get a sourdough culture with you back home and of course some recipies and a bounch of beutiful breads!



  • 15.30 sourdough chat anddough making. We prepare severeal different doughs completely without yeast. We prepare doughs with weat and full grains. We try different baking techniques and we also make a crisp bread dough. We only work with KRAV-labeled locally produced grains grown on Västgötaslätten and milled on Forsane mill in Frändefors.
  • 17.30 Bread making. We try different techniques and shapes before the bread goes for cold fermentationm in the fridge before baking the next day.
  • 18.30 We bake our own pizza with one of the doughs we prepared earlier and you will be able to choose toppings from a buffet. We bake the pizza in the bakery´s wood-fired oven. We set the table and sit down and eat toghether in the bakery. 
  • 19.30 We prepare the oven for the next day.
  • 20.00 Finishing at the bakery and we take a evening walk around the mill in Fengersfors.
  • 22.00 Evening mingle at Fengers Husrum.


  • 09.00 Meeting and breakfast at the bakery.
  • 09.30 We check our doughs after the nights cold fermentationm and bake the bread in the wood-fire oven.
  • 10.00 You are togheter with the staff preparing the bakery´s doughs for the next day´s delivery to ICA and Coop in Åmål!
  • 12.00 We roll and bake the crispbread.
  • 13.00 We are finishing by filling our bags with freshly baked sourdough bread before we enjoy a nice lunch together at Fengers Husrum.


  • 2400 SEK/person.
  • Payment: At Fengers Husrum with cash or card


  • Full board (accomodation in adouble room at Fengers Husrum).
  • Sourdough baking

Not including

  • Alcoholic beverages


Bookning/interest request

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Based on groups between 6-8 people.