Sauna and bath

Just a short walk from Fenger’s Husrum is the crystal clear lake, Knarrby Lake. Here you can take a nice swim in the summer. There is also a wood-fired sauna run by the non-profit association Knarrby Lake bath and sauna company. As a guest at Fengers you can rent the sauna. You bring firewood and start the fire yourself in the stove. It takes about an hour to get it warm. While the sauna is getting started, you can have a barbeque at the bathing area and enjoy the nice view. Towels are brought from Fengers. The sauna costs 300 SEK to rent for 2 hours. Firewood is available and can be purchased at Handlarn in Fengersfors. (It´s a two- minute walk from Fengers Husrum).

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