Dalsland Canal

For 150 years, Dalsland’s canal has been in service of shipping. We have locked boats from all corners of the world; galeasies, steamboats, freighters, tugs with lumberjacks, passenger ships, motor and sailboats and lots of canoes. Without exaggeration, we dare to say that we are a classic among boaters.
Traveling on our canal is an adventure and a natural experience beyond the ordinary. Here you literally sail in drinking water. Nature is magical and you get really close to wildlife. There are also berries and mushrooms growing in close proximity. Many have tried to rate Dalsland’s canal over the years. Some say it’s the most beautiful canal in Sweden , while other think it is among the finest in Europe. Roger Pilkington – perhaps one of the foremost canal experts – even claimed it should be considered among the most beautiful in the world. Be that as it may, we can promise you a truly exceptional experience.

Passenger boats

Enjoy the canal from a deckchair on the deck – if you do not have access to your own boat or would rather choose the comfortable excursion you can experience the Dalsland canal with a passenger boat.
Four shipping companies operate the lake system during the sailing season. The shipping companies offer both tours according to a fixed tour list or charter arrangements – throughout the lake system.
The channel is open for passenger boat traffic during the period May 1 – September 30 (in some cases even later in the fall).
The boats go on tour list during high season – see the websites for tour lists below.
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