Dalsland is perfect to be experienced from the bike. There are plenty of small country roads and fine dirt roads that meander through the landscape and there is very littel traffic. The views and the lakes are never far away nor are flea markets, museums, cafés and artist studios. Let the gravel roads in Dalsland experience the landscape or cycle on the official cycle routes Dalslandsleden and the Swedish Trail.

Dalsland is hilly and perhaps not the most easily cycled part of Sweden. But be calm – the reward is never far away! Thanks to the various nature of the landscape, beautiful views and the lakes waiting around the next corner.

Do you want adrenaline kicks and tougher cycling, Dalsland’s many gravel roads and forest trails offer perfect conditions for that. Therefore, MTB bikers really love Dalsland.

Fengers Husrum is a perfect accommodation during your cycling in Dalsland. We offer bike rental and good maps of nice bike areas. We also offer storage room for your bike.